Fundamental Black Love

Fundamental Black Love
Fundamental Black Love
Hip Hop Artist Harry Ferguson in the Graphic Goods Pan African Heart



When I made my first Red, Black and Green Heart I fashioned it after the African American Flag. I was saying Love Black Fundamentally at its Core. The word LOVE is in brown to represent our melanin, depending on the light either you see or you don’t but the love is always there. From the perspective that our adversity is our super power the Pan African heart is stronger and bigger than the “S” on Superman’s chest.



Philosophizing with Harry Ferguson
In a Universe of infinite possibilities I have a hard time believing in coincidences. Again I'm in Mississippi my Afro American fundamental beginnings in this country. While packing for a funeral in Vicksburg, I thought to pack samples for the sole purpose of shooting my cloths on relatives in Mississippi.
Rap Artist Harry Ferguson Vicksburg MS, May 2021



The first person I photographed is my nephew born to an older brother I am just getting to know. My brother looks amazingly like our deceased father who did not raise him but raised me. Incredibly my brother has a son who looks and kind of acts like me. We both got that creative gene. This was our second meeting the first time I saw him was at my father's funeral. My nephew and I are like instant long lost best friends we could not stop talking and laughing, we had so much catching up to do. We connected on the deepest level, it was so fundamental, it was comfortable. It was familiar, it was no coincidence that I was photographing Harry, it was déjà vu.




Born to Win Harry Ferguson Vicksburg MS, May 2021