Origins of Goods

Origins of Goods
The Origin Story and Stephanie

Graphic Goods by Hosea Johnson began on the mall known as Redbubble, it was the early days of the pandemic, we were all wondering what's next?
A good friend of mine said "If you don't reinvent yourself during this pandemic you you are setting yourself up to loose when its over." I was severe but made me think deep.
I was forced to remote teach which gave me a new set of organizational skills, but creativity I wasn't shooting pictures. I escaped New York at the height of the pandemic when 800 people a night were dying. I felt like the world was ending,
All I wanted to do was get to my family. We loaded up our truck thinking we would never see the things we were leaving behind in New York.
It felt like we were starting over in a strange new world.
I found Redbubble and got into creating patterns and graphics for T's and other clothing. It feed my creative void.
After the first 50 sales on Redbubble, I felt the need to create my own online store.

Ox and Hearts
Mean while... After four months of life on the lake reality set in and we loaded up the truck and headed back to our New York apartment we had abandoned. We left that place as though it was on fire. After cleaning up and catching up with the rent we got into the new rhythm of New York.
My designs all started with a Red Black and Green heart. My theory was if I started designing with hearts each design would promote compassion, because of my original intent.
I photographed Stephanie in our 5 star rated leggings, Stephanie loves the fit and style.
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Hearts on Blue Sleeveless Top available at Leggings 
Stephanie was so fun to photograph her smile made the shoot, as a first time model she took direction really well. Or maybe it was me and my exceptional skills at making a person comfortable in front of the camera.
Stephanie is wearing our Totem Design A-line dress. I wanted to show Stephanie shape so I fitted the dress with a brooch at the waist on the back of the dress.
Graphic Goods has opened our flagship store at
and we will always be available at the mall I like to call Redbubble.
Because origins are important.